‘Delivery Management is Seamless with Delivery Science SaaS’

Project-management-professional-1For multinational and national enterprises in the Fast Moving Consumer Goods, product delivery has been a head-long challenge, common to industries in Nigeria and management it has grown to be a daunting task that attract huge financial loss and depth concern for possible solution.

NewswatchNigeria recently met with the two Nigerian geeks behind Delivery Science- Lanre Oyedotun and Chuka Ofili, Delivery Science co-founders, and they shared insight into how they have made a cooperate business that now gainfully employed the best tech hands in the country by the way of proffering innovative Solution to the challenge both at admistrative level and logistic level.

In the Chat Lanre Oyedotun and Chuka Ofili, said with innovation Nigeria youths can make meaning for their lives and make impact in the larger society saying they are a living witness sighting the birth of Delivery Science which was conceived by identifying a problem with delivery management in the society and using technology and innovation to proffer solution that is now well sought after even beyond the country.

According to Oyedotun who was the erstwhile CEO of Chronos a venture development and technology consultancy, and CTO of payment startup, iThena Logic said Delivery Science is one of the few Nigeria Inter-Bank Settlement System (NIBSS) certified Aggregators and is ultimately concerned with using data science and technology to simplify the optimization of delivery of goods and services, which informed the name “Delivery Science”.

Explaining further, “You can imagine where a client places an order with a manufacturing company for goods worth over N50million; these goods are loaded in about 20 trucks, but at the end of the day 18 trucks are delivered. What happened to the remaining two? It will amaze you that at the end of the day, nobody can credibly inundate the company on the whereabouts of these goods. In fact, Delivery Science is on a mission to help companies overcome the challenge.

Most Companies have lost revenue to litigations, diversion of commodities, late delivery and so on which brings the need for ‘Visibility’” In ensuring visibility, he said, that is one of the unique selling values of the SaaS technology of Delivery Science Software.

“The need to have real-time interaction with your field operatives is there and increasing by the day. In the era of stiff competition, if you can deliver fast, another Company uses it against you. Asides that, your challenge may be to monitor assets from shipper or to customer, then Deliver Science offers you full visibility, 24/7 over all Supply Chain channels,” he said
Also, Chuka Ofili, who was once the Lead Software Architect for MicroSmart Solutions, that developed and implemented a SaaS value-added service for MTN and Etisalat, said that Delivery Science is out to ensure companies maintain high level of ‘accountability’ in their delivery processes.

“Our solutions provide an audit trail with gives you the accountability to settle disputes with third party field agents and end of year Audits. In line with that the ‘Insight’ generated in the process help companies make informed decisions,

“Business climate knowledge is key, hence company’s ability to act on information that gives edge above competition. Delivery Science solution offer real-time analytics deployed for clients to make real-time decisions and always stay ahead using the all-time accessible cloud-based solutions, as affordable rates,” he said.