GTS-Infotel says Mobinawa App Seamless for B2B Mobile Directories

GTS Network

Global Telecom Services (GTS)-Infotel CEO, Dr. Ing. Pierre-F. Kamanou has said that dedicated to business application platforms, enabling interactive Value Added Services communications with mobile consumers over digital channels (Voice/Video, SMS/MMS) is seamlessly distruptively via Mobinawa App and GSM channels (Voix, SMS, USSD).

Currently operating in Cameroon and Nigeria, each GTS-Infotel company owing a VAS Shortcode licence has for more than 10 years, been a leading local VAS Aggregator, specialized in the provision of premium SMS Shortcodes services across local GSM networks to Enterprises and VAS Providers.

The Mobile Value Added Services provider stepping with credibility in the tech ecoysytem has successfully introduced the pilot phase of the Mobinawa1.0 mobile application in the first growing industry.

Speaking recently at the Nigerian Mobile Economy Summit, NiMES 2017 forum, Kamanou introduced Mobinawa App stating that it has been paistakingly developed for ‘Business to Business Mobile VAS Network Operators’ (B2B-MVNO) convinience.

He said, “Mobinawa is uniquely designed to serve as a virtual directory and automatic call attendant with Voice/SMS Contact Center services. With this mobile app which can be downloaded on Google play store and Apple store free of charge, it would avail many organisations the opportunity to be found in the online directory with their profiles, thereby boosting their visibility.

“The application runs on the internet and calls can be received and made free of charge in any part of the world without roaming charge. It rides on GTS Network as the App enables conversational and transactional VAS services offered by businesses using single dedicated numbers to consumers. GTS numbers are long VAS numbers and part of the national numbering plan in the prefix of 0700, allocated by the Nigerian Communication Commission (NCC) to GTS-Infotel.”

“Once the application is installed, the consumer user must enter his active mobile number to receive a verification code by SMS on his GSM handset to finalize his registration to the GTS network.

GTS Network

“It seamless to search company registered on the GTS network in the digital yellow pages and to communicate for free via the available digital channels of his choice (Voice/Video, SMS, WebApp) by clicking on the Mobinawa page of the company, without having to enter his contact number.

“The GTS number: this number identifies the company. It is associated with all the company’s conversational and transactional mobile communication services, accessible from its Mobinawa page on the digital yellow pages. It can be either one of the fixed/mobile numbers of the company, or a VAS long number prefix 0700 or 0800.

“The Voice Contact Platform: This is a personalized voice greeting server that allows the company to receive all calls from Mobinawa subscribers to its GTS number, which will then be routed to the Mobinawa App of the professional user. This user can also from his Mobinawa App make calls to all Mobinawa subscribers.

“The SMS contact platform: This is a reception server for all SMS messages sent by Mobinawa subscribers on the company’s GTS number, which will be read and processed by authorized personnel. He can also from his account on the platform, send SMS to all Mobinawa subscribers.

“The GTS network also offers the following VAS platforms that can be integrated into the information system of each company: UCCP Platform (Unified Communication & Collaboration platform), MMP Platform (Mobile Messaging & Marketing Platform), MCCP platform (Multichannel Contact Center platform). Development, hosting and animation platform for Business Web/Mobile Apps.

“In addition to GSM networks, the GTS network is also a network for the promotion and marketing of mobile content services to Mobinawa subscribers.”